6 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Washington DC Area House in December

6 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House in December

December and New Year’s Day give you the perfect occasion to sell your house in the Washington DC area. Not only can you find a motivated buyer,  you can also save on some of your costs.

1. Home shoppers put off looking for a home because of holiday decorating, shopping, and parties. Plus, the cold weather makes home buyers prefer to stay home; they wait for warm weather to buy real estate. Get the edge with little competition from other sellers.

2. Home Buyer who didn’t buy during the recent buying frenzy are worried that they may not find their dream house. Any buyer looking at homes during the holiday season is motivated.

3. Real estate agents need to keep their momentum going and can’t afford to take too much time off. When the agents aren’t as busy, you get better service. Plus, they’re more likely to take lowered commissions, because they just want to opportunity to sell the property.

4. Interest rates continue to creep up. Who knows what the rates will rise to next year? A lower interest rate is attractive to a buyer.

5. Lenders threaten to tighten up qualifications next year. Last summer, loan officers were able to get through almost any loan. Today is your best shot to sell your Washington DC area house and make sure your potential buyers get approved by their lender.

6. Appraisers need work. Too many individuals became real estate appraisers when there was too much work. It used to take a week or more to schedule an appraisal. We just ordered an appraisal and the appraiser wanted to come out the same afternoon! Also, appraisal fees cost less today than last month.

Hopefully this article was helpful and if you have any questions about selling your property quickly and for a fair price contact Swing Real Estate at 202-888-0560 or click here.

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Sir Ashley Harrison is a full-time real estate investor and former criminal defense attorney. He does deals throughout the country.

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