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Feel Like Giving In? 5 Deals You Shouldn’t Make With the Seller When Buying a House in Washington, DC

Maybe your current home sold way faster than you thought it would, or your one-bedroom apartment is now infuriatingly too small. Or maybe the house you’re looking at is exactly what you want, and you desperately want to close on it. Or then again it could be that you’re worn down by the whole process […]

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Is Buying a Fixer-Upper in Washington, DC a Good Idea? 4 Reasons You Should Really Consider It

Now that you have a little cash to invest, you may be wondering, “Is buying a fixer-upper in a good idea?” The answer depends on whether you have the money to pay a contractor to do the rehab or the time and skills (or at least the willingness to acquire them) to do it yourself. […]

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook When Buying a House in Washington, DC – Trust Us, You Don’t Want to Make These Mistakes

Some sound advice often given to home shoppers is not to walk through the house as you would walk through a museum. That is, you shouldn’t just stroll through passively gazing and ooh-ing and ah-ing at the beautiful objects. Nope, you need to observe carefully and closely, using a keen, critical eye, poking in and […]

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