What is an Expired Listing and Why Do They Happen? Washington DC Real Estate

What Is An Expired Listing?

An expired listing is a listing that has been on the market for an entire contract period, usually 3, 6 or 9 months, without having a buyer that is ready, willing and able to purchase your Washington DC area property.

Expired Listing Happens Because…

Price: Price is the main reason listing do not sell

Short Sale: The listing may be going through a short sale process and the home owner may not have completed all the necessary documents as well as getting the lender an offer.

Condition: The condition of the property is subpar yet the home owner refuses to lower the price to a reasonable number given the amount of work necessary to rehab the property.

Marketing: The agent did not market the property properly and to all potential buyers.

Communication: Communication between a Seller and their agent is essential. Without adequate communication, no matter how much work the agent is doing to sell the property, if the seller does not communicate with the agent, the house will not sell.


For whatever the reason, if your property listing has expired and you still want to sell your Washington DC area property you have two choices…List your property again with a real estate agent and hope your property sells or you can contact Swing Real Estate and get a cash offer in hours.

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