Inherited a House or Trying to Sell a House in Probate in Washington DC 

We at Fair House Offer & Swing Real Estate, LLC understand that selling inherited property can be a difficult and emotional time for family and we are here to help.  Real estate is often the largest and most valuable part of the estate to be settled.  We have made selling a inherited property in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia a very simple, and low stress experience.

If you find yourself or your family wondering how do I sell a house in probate or how do I sell a property I inherited in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia, We at Swing Real Estate is your solution.

We understand that losing a loved one is a very difficult experience and that you and your family are going through a very hard time, and the last thing you want to deal with trying to figure out how to sell a house or other real estate that you have inherited in Washington, DC.  Its imperative that your understand what your options are as you are going through this process and trying to determine what to do with the inherited property or a home in probate in the greater Washington DC area.

There are certain procedures that one must follow when administering an estate and selling an inherited home in Washington DC.  Below is a great resource on understanding the probate process in DC and tips for understanding how to sell an inherited property.  Read the portion below so you understand your rights and obligations as you look to sell your inherited property.

Selling an Inherited House and Selling a Home in Probate in Washington, DC.

 All estates in Washington, DC must go through the probate process.  But, Washington DC does offer an accelerated probate process with minimal oversight that would allow you to sell an inherited home quickly to Swing Real Estate, LLC!

How to Sell a Home Probate or an Inherited Home?

The probate process in DC can be complicated or easy but in either case there are rules which need to be adhered to.  After reading this information in its entirely, call Swing Real Estate, LLC and we can help with the process and answer any questions.

Why to Consider Selling An Inherited House Privately

Depending on the size of the estate, the probate process and estate administration can get complicated and take a long time.  Dealing with the estate and maintaining a vacant property can be a huge financial and mental burden. Also, leaving a house vacant for even a short amount of time can lead to vandalism, or squatters.

If the property you inherited needs renovating or updating (such as the bathrooms are old, the kitchen needs updating, the HVAC or electrical needs to be replaced or repaired), to get the most value, you will need to do a full renovation before selling.  Renovations takes time and money, so we recommend that estate representatives and heirs evaluate the costs and time to renovate and/or repair the house vs. selling quickly for cash.  When selling an inherited home to Swing Real Estate, LLC, it doesn’t involve any repairs or renovations.  Most times you’ll be amazed how it makes sense to sell to company like Swing Real Estate, LLC, as you no longer have to worry about the repairs, renovations or mortgage.

Costs of ownership continue while you are administering the estate and trying to sell the inherited property.  Taxes, utility bills, homeowners insurance and mortgage payments don’t stop just because someone has died.  These costs can add up quickly and keep on accumulating each month.

Going the traditional route to sell real estate will take at least 3 months and your as the owner of the inherited house will incur many fees and costs.  There are real estate agent fees, closing costs, buyer allowances, staging costs, repairs after inspections and other fees.  Even in a seller’s market, the real estate process takes at least 3-4 months and often longer.

Swing Real Estate, LLC allows you to avoid all of the costs listed above.  We do not charge you real estate agent fees.  We pay all closings cost.  We just buy Inherited houses and houses in Probate!  Selling your property from an estate cannot be any easier or faster.  Contact us if you want to sell your inherited home in DC today.

Sell Estate Property in Washington, DC

If you are looking to sell estate property in Washington, DC, we at Swing Real Estate is your solution.  We offer a fast, easy and stress-free selling experience. Let us ease this process for you.

Sell Your Inherited Property or Property in Probate in Washington, DC – Fast and For Cash

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