The Number One Way to Ensure You Sell Your House Fast!

The Number One Way to Ensure You  Sell Your Washington DC House Fast is to….

Price it right! You could spend all the money in the world fixing up and marketing your house, but the wrong price on the right house will guarantee that you will NOT SELL!

Before you set the price, start thinking like a house buyer and look online for local houses similar to yours. If your house has three bedrooms, a brand new kitchen, unfinished basement and is 1000 sq ft, then that’s exactly what you should look for (give or take 200 sq ft.) Don’t be tempted to include houses that have features yours doesn’t, because that will begin to cause you to overprice the property.  It really does make a difference that your house only has one and a half bathrooms when the other has three.

Then meet and interview at least three competitive brokers who focus in real estate in your area of town to see your home and estimate its value and ask them, “What would I have to price my home at if I wanted to sell it in 30 days?” You may be tempted to go with the broker who says the highest price but the truth is that the broker who gives the lowest price is always right.

Take out your list of the comparable homes you found online and pull out the five least expensive. Price your home at the average price of the lowest price you got from one of the realtors and the average of the five least expensive homes you found in your search.  Don’t ever be afraid of underpricing your home, especially in the Washington DC area because market forces always correct an underpriced property. It’s called a bidding war, and you’ll be smiling when it happens to you.


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Sir Ashley Harrison is a full-time real estate investor and former criminal defense attorney. He does deals throughout the country.


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