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What is TOPA you ask? TOPA is an acronym for Tenant Occupancy Purchase Act. TOPA gives the tenant the right of first refusal to purchase. It gives a tenant the right to match the material terms of any contract for sale between the landlord and a third party. There are very specific procedures and timelines that need to be followed to be done successfully.

Even if the tenant does not have the means to purchase the home, they can delay the sale. For a single unit home, once the landlord gives the tenant the notice of sale and a copy of the contract, the tenant has 30 days to exercise the right. Then, the law gives the tenant at least another 60 days to arrange financing. There are also exceptions that allow the tenant to extend the deadline even further.

Selling TOPA rights

On top of the right of first refusal and the generous timeline, the law also grants the tenant the right to sell his or her rights!

Yes, you read that right. You as the Tenant can sell your TOPA rights to another party!

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