Want to Sell Your Washington DC House Fast? Make Sure you Dont Spend $ In the Wrong Place

Want to sell your Washington DC house Fast? Are you considering making home improvements to do so?

Make sure you have a plan in place. I know it seems simple, but too often homeowners fail to do the necessary research to maximize the return on their investment and what would help them sell their house fast!

You don’t want to pay for impractical or expensive home improvements that are out-dated or too contemporary or modern.

Instead, look for smart, traditional and fashionable upgrades to provide value and sophisticated beauty for years to come. Think timeless..Not trendy

While you’re looking for  home improvements, consider these following tips for remodeling and renovating


  • Large kitchens with an abundance of natural light make the kitchen look inviting. You want the chef of the house to love the kitchen so preparing food will not seem like a chore.
  • Light-colored kitchens often create an illusion of a bigger space. So bring in the light paint and add a light colored backsplash.
  • Multiple storage shelves and cabinets plus an extra sink will attract potential buyers.
  • Think convenience, look and utility…Built-in microwaves, dishwashers, six-burner ranges and convection ovens are great additions.
  • An island range with bar stools promotes an inviting, social atmosphere. You want to create an open kitchen. The chef wants to feel included with the rest of the family. (see the first bullet point.)

outdated kitchen This is an example of a kitchen in Washington DC that I just saw. And the homeowner was seeking market value…Theres a reason this house has been on the market for 6 months. Dont make this mistake!



  • Two-bath homes, plus a master bathroom, are prime. I just contracted a 5 bedroom townhouse in DC and while I love the 5 bedrooms, I will be adding at least one other bath when I renovate it because I know thats what potential home buyers want to have.
  • Many home buyers see high-end items like whirlpools, Jacuzzis, steam and jet showers, double shower heads and hand-held sprayers as must haves. If your house is on the market and your bathroom does not have at least most of these items then you’re probably not going to get the asking price you are seeking.
  • Avoid all-white bathrooms—IT’S BORING!
  • Bigger is better. Tiny bathrooms are things of the past. The bathroom is one’s safe haven…the more space the merrier.

lower leverl bath NO! Dont even try putting your house on the market in this condition and expect a market value price!


Hardwood floors increases resale value, so keep hardwood floors in tip-top shape by refinishing them. You could also go with laminate flooring…its cheaper than hardwood and holds more value than carpet when trying to sale.

High-End Home Amenities

  • Specialty rooms like media rooms, wine cellars, workout rooms, an office and children’s playrooms can boost resale value and personalize a home.
  • Outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters, and decks are popular and create a nice outdoor living space.

These are just a few suggestions of how a homeowner can sell their Washington DC area house fast and for their asking price!

However, if you do not want to go through the hassle of improving your house and just want to sell fast and at a fair price contact Swing Real Estate at 202-888-0560! Or fill out the form here.

About Sir Ashley Harrison

Sir Ashley Harrison is a full-time real estate investor and former criminal defense attorney. He does deals throughout the country.

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